12th June, 2015, The Financial Express

"We strongly believe in the potential of blood donation drives in mobilizing people towards the cause; it is also the fastest way to solving the problem of blood shortage in India. We are delighted to work with SABIC and DLF Foundation to give an opportunity to busy professionals to take some time out to help save lives.” (Full Story here)

20th May, 2015, Huffington India

"The Bruce Waynes of my generation aren't stopping just yet. Kawatra and his army of do-gooders have big plans for the future. They plan to expand operations from seven cities to 15 now, and aim to collect 25,000 blood units this year. Donations are needed and blood donors are required, not only to lend a helping hand but also to act as local ambassadors for the awareness of the issue of blood shortage in India." (Full Story here)

16th February, 2015, Hindustan Times

"Noble causes rule Raahgiri: “One such initiative is BloodConnect which started four years ago, from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and today is a full fledged NGO. They act as mediators between blood donors and requests. Recently they carried out Benevolence Campaign, which started from January 26 and culminated yesterday at Raahgiri CP” (Full Story here)

16th February, 2015, The Times of India

"Raahgirins were also told the importance of donating blood with the Benevolence Campaign, a blood donation camp, held by a youth-run NGO, BloodConnect. Cut-outs of blood drops were hung on trees at Central Park, to spread the message ­ Blood doesn't grow on trees. Supporting the same cause, Asmita theatre group performed a street play on the importance of donating blood." (Full Story here)

29th November, 2013, Hindustan Times

City’s youth start blood donation initiative: “ This is not just a helpline. We are trying to ensure that there is a constant supply of blood in government hospitals”, said Aakash Goel of IIT-Delhi.... (Full Story here)

17th April, 2013, The Hindu

"Bonding over blood: Shweta Veeravalli’s perseverance is a subtle hint at the organisation, she is pitching for. Not the one to be discouraged by standard non­committal replies, this young student calls, mails and drops messages religiously for days. BloodConnect is an organisation made of up students like her — young, restless and committed..." (Full Story here)

9th April, 2013, Deccan Herald

"There’s more to a student’s life than semester exami- nations, projects and placements. Ask the IITians who launched ‘BloodConnect’, an initiative to tackle the grim shortage of blood in the City. Launched in 2010, as a part of the National Service Scheme, BloodConnect serves as a link between people who are willing to donate blood and ..." (Full Story here)

3rd April, 2013, Hindustan Times

"The Blood Bond: A bunch of young students from Delhi are making great efforts to push blood donation drives....A top women's college had enthusiastic volunteers but just 22 could donate blood as the rest had very low haemoglobin levels...The founder and cofounder talk about how students benefit from the movement and how saving life matters..." (Full Story here)

17th April, 2013, The Asian Age

"Connected by Blood: It is not difficult to find young students involved in social activities these days as everybody wants to give back something to the society. But sustaining an initiative for long requires proper planning, time and perseverance. BloodConnect, an initiative started three years ago to collect blood from college campuses to fulfill... " (Full Story here)

9th November, 2013, Hindustan (Hindi)

Translated to English: "Students from IIT Delhi have come together to save lives by promoting blood donation. They have formed BloodConnect, which is available 24x7 to help in government hospitals. In 3 years, they have motivated 30,000 youth to come together for the cause of blood donation.... " (Full Story here)

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