Yes, BloodConnect Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO, registered as a charitable Trust in the office of Sub-Registrar, Delhi.
We are registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and also granted approval to receive donations under section 80G section of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

No, BloodConnect is not a blood bank. We do not collect the blood ourselves, or store it with us. We work with Government approved blood banks and Colleges/Corporates/RWAs to promote voluntary blood donation, and organize blood donation camps.
Think of us as an organization creating awareness about the blood donation, and connecting new and regular donors with blood banks to improve availability of the blood in the country.

As we have no full time employees, our team works from their respective homes / offices and we conduct our meetings/activities in the common areas in an office / college. Our corporate, college partners help us with these for free and we can do all our team meetings there. Our registered office is used to store all of our material and documents. You should reach out via this form, we can certainly take forward then.

You can help in many ways -
1. Help us Organize a Camp in your College/Society/Company
2. Sponsor Us that would help us save more lives!
3. Register as an emergency donor
4. Join Our team

You can easily find links to all these options on our website. In case of any issues, please Contact Us.

Zero. We are completely volunteer driven and have no full time employees

You will certainly find some of the FAQs on the page: Join Us→ Register As a Donor. We have tried to cover the concerns there. For more, please do check the Resources tab

Yes, we do work on additional fields related to blood donation: Thalassemia, plasma requirements, etc. Our core focus remains blood donation though. We believe that is a big problem to solve

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