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You are one step closer to bring a change! SPREAD AWARENESS in your college, office, society and make them aware of the importance and benefits of blood donation. We will take care of the process end-to-end.

What are Awareness Sessions?

The first step to solving any problem is acknowledging it's presence. The sessions are extremely inclusive and cover everything from blood disorders to issues of scarcity of blood, the myths and truths related to blood donations and the benefits of voluntary donation. Live performances, street plays, competitions, and webinars target at educating and inspiring people, especially first timers, to come out and donate blood.

How we can make them different?

To instill a sense of enthusiasm and joy among our audience, we try to collaborate with various schools, universities, corporates, institutions and local communities all over India to organise informative Stalls, Competitions, Nukkad Nataks, Quizes, and interactive sessions (both online and offline) with experts where attendees can interact with us and their doubts are duly addressed. This ensures that the vision of BloodConnect spreads far and wide and people realize the significance of blood donation.

Spreading awareness in the pandemic. How?

In the midst of this pandemic that has caused global suffering, BloodConnect strives at making a difference and inducing hope and sensitivity among the people by presenting actual facts and data about the grave issue of blood shortage. Covid-19 may have restricted personal contact among the people but we are determined at reaching out to the public online via webinars and interactive activities. We add a personal touch to each event so that the people feel connected and heard, in the comfort of their homes.

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