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Learn new things everyday and build everlasting relations while contributing to society. Join us to ensure people have a future, join us to save lives!

What We Do

Through each of our activities we make an impact. Our mission is simple - to save lives. Being a volunteer with BloodConnect, means you will do a wide variety of activities.

Identify heroes

People who can donate blood in emergency

Donor Matchmaking

Donor of the same blood group as the requirement

Help organizations

Keep employees happy by organizing impactful camps

Spread happiness

Ensure each donor has a smile after donating blood

Talk a lot

Spread awareness till we remove your fear from donating blood

Share our stories

Showcase our amazing donor stories to the world

Be creative

Brainstorm over pizzas and find new ways to motivate donors

Sustain the Org

Raise money to ensure we do what we do

Work with the Govt.

Manage blood bank, govt relations to ensure we cater to them

Build processes

To ensure we scale from X to 10X faster

Our Alumni

"Our extraordinary volunteers are now also extraordinary professionals in their respective fields. They start as volunteers, become leaders in BloodConnect and learn the ropes of making a dent in the world professionally as well."

"Starting BloodConnect from scratch, I never really thought we would scale up so quick and so big to be honest. Within a short span of 3 years, this became a movement with over 100+ volunteers. It was a lot of work to be honest, it is life saving. However whatever happened, whether it was the stress of finding a donor or fun brainstorming the team, the one thing common across all activities was- that I learnt and grew everyday. BloodConnect saves lives via donation- but it also changes lives of the volunteers immensely."

Nitin Garg

Post BloodConnect: Facebook (US)

"Working in BloodConnect during college was by far one of the most unique leadership experiences I have had till now. Very early on, I was given the responsibility in the marketing department (something which I always wanted to do) and took it upon me to really set up the team from scratch. It was overwhelming to be honest, being responsible for the entire fundraise of the organization, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and did pretty well too. :) Thanks to BloodConnect for giving me this opportunity to volunteer and lead. "

Prerna Arya

Post BloodConnect: Bain & Co, Harvard Business School (MBA)

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