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Blood is a precious fluid in our body, and so far blood cannot be manufactured in laboratories. Blood can only be obtained from individuals (human beings) who donate blood. Blood can be stored only for limited time, therefore there is a need for regular blood donation to ensure that no life is lost due to unavailability of the safe blood.

There is a shortage of atleast 20 Lakhs of blood units every year in India. Through FIND A DONOR, we try to help people in their most difficult time by arranging the blood units/donor for them. Still, there are moments when we are left helpless due to lack of enough donors in the region of the requester. You can register yourself as a donor with us and help such people who, sometimes, are left unserved.
Register now and get a chance of becoming a real hero for someone.

Yes, it has been carried out for years now. It is performed in a highly-controlled, sterile environment by professionally trained staff. All the equipments are sterilized and equipment that is in contact with the donor's blood is used only once, eliminating the possibility of any infection during transmission.

Any healthy adult (above 45 kgs), between age 18 - 65 years, mentally alert and physically fit, can donate blood. You can donate blood every 3 months while for platelets that frequency is once every week (max 24 times in a year). There are some additional eligibility criteria related to medical history of an individual - we recommend you check them in the resources section.

No, you have nothing to worry. We just recommend that you drink enough liquids post donation to compensate for the blood donated. Donating blood does not interfere with your ability to perform physically or mentally. However, it is adviced you avoid heavy lifting or strenuous workouts for the rest of the day after the donation. You need to ensure the liquid levels come back to normalcy (roughly takes a day) before starting with those.

By registering for this, it means you are keen to donate blood in case of any emergency requirement in your neighborhood area / city. We will contact you in case of any emergency blood requirement or blood donation camp nearby

No, our communication for blood donation camps nearby will largely be via email and messages. For emergency blood requests, we do call you over the phone- but we ensure not to call a person more than 2 times a month. And, you can always deregister as a donor by telling us to do so when we call you next.

Yes, there are no spam calls and we do not sell our database. We have kind sponsors who help us do our core activities without trying to find an additional source of revenue.

We would contact you when we receive an emergency request or organize a camp in your area. This might even happen Today, or can take a few months.
In case you would like to donate blood on a particular occasion, please let us know and we would assist you with in-house donation in a nearby blood bank.

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