You Defeated COVID!! Help Others Fight it.

Plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients is urgently needed across hospitals in India. Round Table India and BloodConnect appeals to all our COVID recovered citizens to come forward to donate plasma and help the country defeat COVID!

RTI and BloodConnect have joined hands to create mass awareness about Plasma Therapy for COVID Patients

Convalescent plasma therapy may be helpful for people with COVID-19 who aren't helped by other treatment. COVID-19 plasma is plasma collected from patients who have recovered from COVID-19. We request all COVID Warriors who have successfully recovered from COVID to donate plasma. Filling out this form will take less than 5 minutes and it could save someone's life.

Who is eligible to donate Plasma for COVID-19 Patients?

Eligibility of Plasma Donor

In addition to the donor eligibility criteria for whole blood donation, the following criteria should be met for potential plasma donors –

  • Donors who have had transfusion of blood products in last 8 weeks will be excluded
  • Donors who have had COVID diagnosis more than 4 months will be excluded from donation
  • Males or nulliparous female donors of weight >55Kg. To avoid the risk of Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) preference should be given to use of plasma from male donors or from female donors who have never been pregnant including abortions.
  • Prior diagnosis of COVID-19 documented by an approved laboratory test (preferably RT-PCR) with symptomatic disease with at least fever and cough
  • Complete resolution of symptoms at least 28 days prior to donation or Complete resolution of symptoms at least 14 days prior to donation and negative real time PCR test for COVID-19 from nasopharyngeal swab.

Screening of Donors before the donation

  • Physical examination of the donor to establish good health including absence of fever and respiratory. Donors not fit to donate blood based on the history and examination will be deferred and excluded from plasma donor pool.
  • Two blood samples (small volume – 5ml) will be drawn for the following pre-donation tests
    • Blood group (ABO grouping and Rh phenotyping) and antibody screening for clinically significant antibodies (Extended Rh, Kell, Duffy, Kidd, MNS)
    • Complete blood count (CBC). Donors with Hb>12.5g/dl, platelet count >1,50,000 per microliter of blood and TLC within normal limits will be accepted.
    • Screening for syphills, malaria, HIV, HBV and HCV by serology or NAT.
    • Total serum protein. Donors with total serum protein > 6gm/dl will be accepted
    • Presence of IgG and IgM antibodies to COVID-19 by rapid test. Neutralizing titer of donor plasma should be above the specific threshold (if the latter is not available, plasma IgG titer (against S-protein RBD) above 1:640 should be used).
See the generic blood donation criteria here *These are some of the most common criteria and is not a complete list of exclusions/eligibility criteria. These criteria may change or vary across blood banks and hospitals. In case of any doubt, please ask a medical expert.

Need plasma for COVID treatment?

(IMPORTANT - Plasma Therapy is still under clinial trial for COVID Treatment. Before you register, please consult your doctor if this is required. Only patients with a proper requisition slip from a recognized hospital should raise a request here. BloodConnect and our partners would try to connect patient with a donor (those who have self-registerd on our portal), but we cannot give 100% assurance for the same. Patient's doctor would be solely responsible to confirm COVID history and eligibility of the donor for plasma therapy. We DO NOT charge anything for matching a donor with a patient, neither we ask donor to take money for whatsoever reason on behalf of the organization.)

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